As a child, Ron always wanted to be a mountie (as in "Royal Canadian Mounted Police") but when he discovered that they didn't get to ride horses all the time and didn't get to wear those nifty red coats Ron & his biggest fan!Ron & his biggest fanevery day (red being his favorite color as a child) he decided that the next best thing was being a cartoonist.

Over the years, Ron has been involved in greeting card design, logo design, animation, newspaper editorial cartooning, book illustration and a plethora (that's a great word that you just can't slide into every conversation) of related projects.

As a sidebar you might be interested to know that Ron was also the co-creator of the comic book hero, Captain Canuck.

Ron discovered the internet in early 1996 and decided that it was time to put away his crayons and see if he couldn't put his talents to work digitally. Good cartoon clip art on the net was sorely lacking and that became his focus. Not only does Ron create cartoon clipart, but he's also available for custom work as well.

Enjoy the toon and if you have any questions, requests etc. Ron is at the ready. Simply drop him an email